Making Our Dreams Come True

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Me and Alice Hoffman

Me and Alice Hoffman. Woot!

Years ago when my son was born, I’d walk around the house singing Sweet Life by Paul Davis, and that song became my husband’s and my theme song. This April I had another chance to make a dream come true. My favorite author, Alice Hoffman, was on a book tour and did a reading at Powells, in Beaverton, Oregon. Since that sweet little boy I used to sing Sweet Life to lives only minutes from Beaverton, he was kind enough to take me to the reading. Thanks, Trevor, for making another of my dreams come true.


One thought on “Making Our Dreams Come True

    trevor said:
    May 23, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    It was a pure pleasure to tag along that evening. The best moment was watching you interact with her and having a conversation I’m sure you’d imagined time and time again for many years. Was very special to be witness to that, so THANK YOU for coming out in the first place.

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