February 2008 Update

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Outside my front window this morning.

It still looks a lot like Christmas here in southern Idaho. In fact, we have more snow now then we did in December. School kids are enjoying snow days while winter storms keep the snowplows busy. You would think all this cold weather would be conducive to a lot of good writing. Instead, I’ve been huddled around the fireplace reading like a maniac. Since January 1, I have read The Secret Live of Bees, Chocolat, His Favorite Wife, Shattered Dreams, The Year of Magical Thinking, and reread Bill Johnson’s A Story is a Promise. Right now I am reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Why all this reading, you may ask. I am a member of three different book clubs, one in Kimberly, and two in Jerome. Two of them are affiliated with the Let’s Talk About it Program and will run for a couple more months. Then it will be time to be outdoors in the garden. PBS is also running a series on Jane Austen, which I’ve been recording and watching on cold snowy evenings with plans to read at least one Jane Austen book this year.

Next week I’m hosting one of the book clubs, and we will be discussing the book Chocolat. You can bet my kitchen counter is covered with recipes as I search for some decadent dessert to serve, not to mention the stash of chocolate I’ve slowly been building every time I go to the store. It should be fun, and we probably won’t need another chocolate fix until, well, Easter?

To break up the monotony of winter, Pat and I took in Sweeny Todd. If you’re a Johnny Depp fan and not squeamish, go see it. The opening scenes will have you wondering just what kind of world you dropped in on.


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