August Update

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The 2007 Willamette Writers’ conference in Portland, Oregon, was worth the time and the money. Many questions I have about my current work-in-progress were answered. Now all I have to do is get busy and do some major revisions! I capped off the conference with a trip to Long Beach, WA, with my son and three grandsons. We walked on the beach, fed the seagulls, ate fresh crab, and applauded as Dante and Kennedy took turns riding a pony. On our way back to Vancouver, we drove through Oysterville, WA, a great historical town founded in 1854 once known as the hub of oyster farming. Quaint, it is absolutely charming. I know I will be back to visit. Think H. P. Lovecraft or Stephen King, and Oysterville gives you the perfect setting for a great little story.

In case you think I’ve been slacking since I’ve been home, check out this new site, The Other Bunch. If you have any questions or comments about writing or the writing life, stop by and say “Hi!”


Bill Johnson at the Willamette Writers’ Conference.


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